Slyder Hotel Lock

Specification Description
Application Card Philips Mifare cards of 13.5 MHz frequency Meeting ISO 1443A and B Protocol.
RFID Reader Reader integrated with microcontroller with build in RTC and flash memory,buzzer and low battery indicator.
Antennae size 25mm X 35mm
PCB Flex type SMT Mounted 60mm X 37mm
Static Consumption 12uA
Dynamic Consumption 300mA
Humidity 20 to 80%
Key Cylinder 5 pin computerized Tumbler type for Manual opening 2 keys provided
Mortice for 30mm Door European standard 18mm thick with face plate of 20mm,150mm(L) X 95mm (W)
Panel Size 8005A3 240mm (L) X 76mm (W)SW 304 SS cover plates re inforced by 1.8mm Thick steel plate for additional security
Weight 2.75kg nett
Operating Voltage 3-6Vdc, Powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries